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Used in many Chinese dishes, star anise imparts a sweet, rich licorice-like flavor into dishes. It is a key ingredient in Chinese Five Spice powder and is also used in making pho, a Vietnamese soup.
Try throwing a few pods in apple cider or even your next beer (try it with stouts or wits), or grind and add to gingerbread. Star anise is also great in a simple syrup for fall- and winter-time cocktails (especially when combined with other warming spices like cinnamon and cloves)



Ground cardamom powder is a fragrant, wonderful, and aromatic spice that will add a certain indistinguishable flavor to your next rub blend, cookie batch, or even rice. Possibilities with cardamom powder are endless.



From Sri Lanka, and often referred to as the “true cinnamon” ground Ceylon cinnamon has a  subtle, mild, and complex flavor with notes of citrus and a peppery bite. It is a great all-purpose cinnamon that is perfect for savory dishes such as curries, stews, and rice.

Cloves / Dianthus


Cloves are unopened sun dried flower buds of the tropical clove tree. They have a deep flavor and are very potent, so a little goes a long way. Add just a dash to your savory dish or baking.



Ground turmeric is a staple in India cooking and like ginger it is as well know for its medicinal value as its culinary value. Its vibrant yellow color is unmistakable. Turmeric is bitter and best used in conjunction with other spices. Our Turmeric is sourced from the Alleppey region of India that is known for producing some of the world’s richest Turmeric.  In general high quality Turmeric produced in this region will have 5% or greater amounts of Curcumin.

Recently much has been made of Curcumin and its importance to overall health and well being. CURCUMIN is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It gives turmeric its yellow color. As a medicine, it is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation is a major precursor to a wide range diseases including arthritis, eczema and Alzheimers. The effects of turmeric are still being analyzed in modern medical trials, with several encouraging outcomes.