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A herb that can reduce anxiety, stress, and reduce pain, and is mostly used in teas. Also good with chicken and blends wells with spicy foods.

Coriander / Kindza


Mild, slightly sweet, and nutty with hints of lemon. Very versatile spice that can be used in savories and sweets alike.

Cumin / Zira


Slightly bitter, yet very aromatic and robust, cumin adds flavor without adding salt.

It is a pantry staple for those who enjoy Indian curries and Mexican cuisine.

Distinctive bitter flavor and strong, warm aroma. Cumin “seeds” are actually the small dried fruit of an annual plant in the parsley family. Native to the Mediterranean. Use in just about any dish to add a mild warmth and flavor.



Dill weed has a light and sweet flavor. Popular uses include sauces, pickling, soups and dips.



Lemongrass is a lemon-scented grass that grows that is said to have originated in Malaysia or the Philippines.

Most famous as a culinary herb, especially as an ingredient in Asian cooking, lemongrass is also used in many African countries to make herbal tea, and its essential oil has a delicious uplifting aroma.

As well as making use of its fresh, pungent flavour in soups, curries and stews, lemongrass can be used as a preservative and pesticide.



A member of the mint family. Marjoram is similar, but more delicate than oregano. It is best used at the end of meal preparation to bring out its flavor.



Peppermint is stronger in taste than spearmint. It is a great addition to any salad or in your next batch of homemade cookies. Peppermint is also a good source of manganese, copper, and vitamin C.



Woody, piney, and a little minty in flavor, with a slightly floral aroma. Perfect for lamb, chicken, and other meats or added to stews, sauces, or breads.

Savory Herb


Strong, peppery flavor. Savory was a staple in early American cooking, but has since fallen out of favor in modern recipes. There are two varieties of Savory summer and winter. Summer savory is strong and peppery whereas winter savory is a bit milder. Once you use Savory it will become one of your favorite go to herbs.

Thyme / Thymus


Ancient Egyptians used thyme when embalming their dead pharaohs, as it is a powerful preservative, and the ancient Greeks used to burn thyme in their sacred rituals because of its aromatic smell. You can use it on clam chowder, soup, stews, meat, lamb and eggs, chicken.