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My Juice -This is 100% natural juices and purees made from fresh fruits grown on a farm in Estonia. No additives, sugar and preservatives.

My Juice is made with high-quality equipment VORAN

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-How to get delicious and healthy juices-
Step 1.
Special varieties of fruits and berries are grown on well-kept farms in Estonia
Step 2.
The best and ripe fruit and berries are collected in hand. Further washed, purified and made juice and puree.
Step 3.
Preservatives and sugar are not added to juices and purees.
Step 4.
Gentle and fast delivery of juices and products.
"Thank you very much that you trust us and choose our natural juices and products, which we carefully and lovingly make for You! I am glad that I can contribute to the health and happy life of every consumer. "
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